Saturday, June 24, 2017

Autumn Romance

This invitation says autumn because of its color scheme; it says romance with each little heart-shaped leaf.  We love this design, created by Laurie, because it's incredibly versatile. In winter we can cover those branches with glittering snow. In spring they can sport tiny white flowers, and in summer they can spring into full bloom in almost any color you can imagine.

Wouldn't you love to invite your guests with an invitation no other bride and groom has ever had? Won't you love knowing that every leaf on every branch is colored by hand for your wedding?

Although Possibility Paper is our business, we want your wedding stationery to be as special as what we designed for our daughters and our nieces. We love paper and we love LOVE. Can we add a touch of romance to your wedding?

Contact us to learn more about your options.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fall Whimsy

This week's featured invitations are so much fun. Whimsical colors, patterns and art work make for truly unique invitations and stationery. The design shown here uses at least six different colors and a very non-traditional blue base. It can be modified to fit any color scheme from muted to bright. They can be folded or put together on a flat 5x7.

Whimsical weddings always seem to be happy affairs filled with interesting people and a great deal of love. They incorporate themes from art, music, literature and nature. They leave room for very creative ceremonies, clothing, decorating, and food. The cake possibilities are incredible!

If you have been looking at invitations and feeling like they all look familiar, consider a custom invitation. We can put together whatever suits your whimsy!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Vintage Autumn

Check out this creative twist on the standard fall colors. . . burgundy, pumpkin, green and brown are slightly shifted to purple, tangerine, teal and sand. An old fashioned curvy centerpiece with fairly traditional typeface adds another touch of yesteryear. All together it adds up to a very unique possibility for an autumn wedding invitation.

The custom envelope liners add another special touch - using something very ordinary to give a little hint about your beautiful wedding plans.

And best of all - because all our invitations are custom - you can shift the colors any direction you prefer.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Classic Autumn

Getting married in the fall presents a whole array of choices for your invitations. First and most obvious is color. The beautiful fall leaves of the cooler regions give us a lovely palette to explore along with timeless images of falling leaves.

Today's sample uses one of this fall's hottest colors: FIG! While it's not an expected color for a classic wedding, it has a classic vibe that works in better than most currently popular colors. The featured oak leaves signal dignity, endurance, and permanence; classic values for marriage.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


This week's design is a beautiful example of cultural fusion: traditional and modern, Eastern and Western, rich and bold colors, elegance and sparkle. It signals the recipients that they will encounter many beautiful and unexpected touches at this wedding and that the bride and groom honor their roots, or embrace a global perspective.

Every marriage is a fusion of two cultures. Some are subtle; others are distinct. All are hopeful. We have seen weddings where the couple is mixing rural and urban traditions, midwestern and southern traditions, and a wide variety of regional and international combinations. Sometimes one culture dominates but usually there will be influences derived from both families along with the couple's own experiences.

Fusion done well generally produces a gorgeous effect as you can see from this example. Unusual and beautiful color combinations, unexpected shapes and fonts hint at extraordinary experiences ahead. What cultural influences will you be bringing together at your wedding?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Let's go!

Couples decide to have a destination wedding for a wide variety of reasons but one thing they all have in common is fun!

A destination wedding has so many possibilities for really unique invitations. Themes can range from general travel images such as ships and airplanes and passports and maps to more specific designs tailored to your actual destination. 

As you are planning your travels, which of necessity will precede most of your other decisions, be on the lookout for interesting images you might want to incorporate into your save-the-dates, invitations, flowers, or reception decor. 

You will also want to be thinking about all the information your guests will need about travel, transfers, lodging, local customs, maybe even medical or legal info depending on your destination. You should probably assume you will need an insert with your invitation. Whatever you want, we will do our best to produce! Contact us if you want something outside the neighborhood for your wedding - we would love to travel with you on a paper airplane.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother of the Bride

When we were little girls, each year on their wedding anniversary our Mom would put on her gown. It was the ultimate game of dress-up and we treasured it. One year we got in on the act and served as impromptu bridesmaids. Dad captured that moment for all eternity.

 When we got married (six months apart!) Mom made putting a wedding together look easy. Now that we have each had a turn or two at helping arrange a daughter's wedding, we know that it is harder than it looks. 

However big or small a role she plays in the wedding, most moms will have some huge emotional hurdles to jump through in the process. And most will jump those hurdles with love and grace and do whatever they can to make dreams come true. 

So, whether you're planning a wedding, dreaming of a wedding or remembering your own wedding, be sure to toast your mom on Mother's Day.

And if you're a mom reading this, we wish you well through all the preparations for the wedding. May you navigate this transition with joy and grace. We hope you find the perfect dress. We hope that the couple will pick a date that works for your best friend or sister so you will have support on the big day.  We hope you can keep a merry heart throughout the planning. And most of all, may you relax and enjoy the party!