Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hand-painted Woodland Posie

Don't let the simplicity of this design fool you - these are one-of-a-kind invitations.

The design originates with a stamp but is embossed on watercolor paper with clear powder to allow the white markings to come through. Then, the areas between the lines are hand-painted with colors blending together, just as they do in nature. And, as in nature, no two will be identical.

This technique can be translated into different designs for different occasions. Imagine watercolored invitations for a shower, a brunch, or any kind of celebration.

These invitations are quite time-consuming so require a longer lead time for large quantities; please keep that in mind. In spite of that, if you love watercolor, this may very well be your choice!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Destination Happily Ever After

Though we tend to assume a tropical venue, a destination wedding can be anywhere the couple chooses. An autumn wedding in a location where there is magnificent fall color is a great choice!

As with any destination wedding, the more time you give your friends and family to make plans, the more likely they will find a way to be there. Using an advance "save the date" notice will help your guests make arrangements. Using a photo from the place where you are getting married helps to get your guests in the mood for your wedding, even if it is months away! This simple save the date card uses a fabulous photo of the destination. Photography cards like this can have printing on the back, be made into postcards or mounted on a coordinating background. Can we help you get the word out?

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Harvest Elegance

If traditional fall colors make you think of Halloween then this elegant pairing can help you make the leap to Harvest. Using tones of fig and peach, this invitation almost makes your mouth water. It's rich and deep and evokes autumn and conjures up style, but no ghosts or goblins.

Imagine a bridal bouquet that features purple calla lilies and sonja roses with fall embellishments. Picture tables with garlands of fall leaves running down the middle. Could your bridesmaids look elegant in gowns of rich hues? Can your wedding dinner incorporate the beautiful colors of harvest?

Elegance is not necessarily costly, but it is rich - in color, in tradition, in taste and in history. Like the harvest, elegance takes time to ripen.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Rustic Blue

Love the feel of rustic but searching for an alternative to burlap and lace? We think that old wood and wildflowers also create a rustic feeling. And, they widen the range of colors that will work for you!

If you have a beloved piece of old, painted furniture, you have all the inspiration you need to put together a rustic wedding without a single yard of burlap or lace.

The invitation shown here uses textures of wood, a colorful background, a stamped image, and a delicate but not lacy ribbon to create a rustic feeling that's entirely unique. And, as always, you can change the colors to match your dreams! This design is not yet spoken for - is it yours?

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Autumn Romance

This invitation says autumn because of its color scheme; it says romance with each little heart-shaped leaf.  We love this design, created by Laurie, because it's incredibly versatile. In winter we can cover those branches with glittering snow. In spring they can sport tiny white flowers, and in summer they can spring into full bloom in almost any color you can imagine.

Wouldn't you love to invite your guests with an invitation no other bride and groom has ever had? Won't you love knowing that every leaf on every branch is colored by hand for your wedding?

Although Possibility Paper is our business, we want your wedding stationery to be as special as what we designed for our daughters and our nieces. We love paper and we love LOVE. Can we add a touch of romance to your wedding?

Contact us to learn more about your options.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fall Whimsy

This week's featured invitations are so much fun. Whimsical colors, patterns and art work make for truly unique invitations and stationery. The design shown here uses at least six different colors and a very non-traditional blue base. It can be modified to fit any color scheme from muted to bright. They can be folded or put together on a flat 5x7.

Whimsical weddings always seem to be happy affairs filled with interesting people and a great deal of love. They incorporate themes from art, music, literature and nature. They leave room for very creative ceremonies, clothing, decorating, and food. The cake possibilities are incredible!

If you have been looking at invitations and feeling like they all look familiar, consider a custom invitation. We can put together whatever suits your whimsy!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Vintage Autumn

Check out this creative twist on the standard fall colors. . . burgundy, pumpkin, green and brown are slightly shifted to purple, tangerine, teal and sand. An old fashioned curvy centerpiece with fairly traditional typeface adds another touch of yesteryear. All together it adds up to a very unique possibility for an autumn wedding invitation.

The custom envelope liners add another special touch - using something very ordinary to give a little hint about your beautiful wedding plans.

And best of all - because all our invitations are custom - you can shift the colors any direction you prefer.