Sunday, August 20, 2017

Rustic Winter

Rustic weddings have been in vogue for many years now, partly because they are so very versatile! We tend to associate them with wildflowers, mason jars and outdoors, but with the increasing number of venues available, there's no reason you can't have a rustic wedding in the middle of the winter. Se we thought you needed an invitation option for that - and look what our designer Laurie came up with! An invitation perfect for a wedding in the North Woods of Minnesota, the mountains of Colorado, or even at a ski resort in Vermont.

If you've been looking for an invitation for your snowy wedding, look no further!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Winter Wedding

Winter wedding? This design is an incredibly elegant option. The invitation, made from a shimmery paper, features an open front with a snowflake hanging in the opening. Inside, yet another snowflake is stamped giving you three lovely  layers. The center layer is embossed in silver and the topmost flake is adorned with a rhinestone in the center adding to the winter sparkle. Silver satin ribbon provides more texture and shimmer, evoking new-fallen snow by moonlight.

Because the interior space is limited by the large snowflake stamped there, you will want the simplest wording possible (which is also very elegant.)

If you are looking for invitations for a December or January wedding, this design might be perfect. Contact us soon if you wish to mail them out before the snow flies.

Saturday, August 5, 2017


Our new TIMELESS line lets you create invitations YOUR way without the expense of creating a design from scratch.

Each TIMELESS invitation has four design factors. Combined they create at least 72 possibilities so your chances of duplication are minimal.

The first two design factors are related to layout. First is whether you prefer vertical (as shown here) or horizontal. 

The second factor is the textured edge. Here it is shown at the top of a vertical design. It can just as easily be placed at the left, the right or the bottom.

Once the layout has been determined you will have two color decisions to make. The first is the color of the printed/textured space. This section is available in white, as shown, or cream.

Then you will want to decide on the color of the mat. In this photo the invitation has a black mat. We are offering eight other choices for your mat: Cherry, Coral, Curry, Marina, Plum, Razzleberry, Slate, and Wasabi.

Now for the exciting part! These invitations cost $1.74 each, including envelopes. And, from now through Labor Day you can order them 15% off.  That's $1.48 per invitation during our introductory promotion.

Sample packs, including a full-sized invitation with text, and swatches of all colors of paper available for use can be ordered for $3. If you choose TIMELESS, the sample fee will be applied to your order. Just send us an email at and we'll get it out to you right away. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Introducing Possibility Ltd.

We are delighted to unveil our newest wedding invitations! 

We are calling them Possibility Ltd. and they are designed to give you beautiful choices for hand-crafted invitations that provide customization without stress, a budget friendly option and quick turnaround time.

The Timeless invitation shown here features a textured margin and is beautifully framed by a simple mat.

These hand-crafted invitations are a very affordable $1.74 each, including envelopes. Once all the decisions have been made and you have approved a sample, your invitations will leave our studio in 10-14 days.

You have four decisions to make:
  • White or Cream
  • Horizontal or Vertical
  • Which margin to texture (top, bottom, left or right)
  • What color mat to use: 
    • black 
    • plum 
    • coral 
    • wasabi 
    • curry 
    • marine 
    • cherry 
    • slate 
    • razzleberry
If you are ready to order or wish to see a sample, contact us today at

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hand-painted Woodland Posie

Don't let the simplicity of this design fool you - these are one-of-a-kind invitations.

The design originates with a stamp but is embossed on watercolor paper with clear powder to allow the white markings to come through. Then, the areas between the lines are hand-painted with colors blending together, just as they do in nature. And, as in nature, no two will be identical.

This technique can be translated into different designs for different occasions. Imagine watercolored invitations for a shower, a brunch, or any kind of celebration.

These invitations are quite time-consuming so require a longer lead time for large quantities; please keep that in mind. In spite of that, if you love watercolor, this may very well be your choice!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Destination Happily Ever After

Though we tend to assume a tropical venue, a destination wedding can be anywhere the couple chooses. An autumn wedding in a location where there is magnificent fall color is a great choice!

As with any destination wedding, the more time you give your friends and family to make plans, the more likely they will find a way to be there. Using an advance "save the date" notice will help your guests make arrangements. Using a photo from the place where you are getting married helps to get your guests in the mood for your wedding, even if it is months away! This simple save the date card uses a fabulous photo of the destination. Photography cards like this can have printing on the back, be made into postcards or mounted on a coordinating background. Can we help you get the word out?

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Harvest Elegance

If traditional fall colors make you think of Halloween then this elegant pairing can help you make the leap to Harvest. Using tones of fig and peach, this invitation almost makes your mouth water. It's rich and deep and evokes autumn and conjures up style, but no ghosts or goblins.

Imagine a bridal bouquet that features purple calla lilies and sonja roses with fall embellishments. Picture tables with garlands of fall leaves running down the middle. Could your bridesmaids look elegant in gowns of rich hues? Can your wedding dinner incorporate the beautiful colors of harvest?

Elegance is not necessarily costly, but it is rich - in color, in tradition, in taste and in history. Like the harvest, elegance takes time to ripen.