Sunday, May 21, 2017

Let's go!

Couples decide to have a destination wedding for a wide variety of reasons but one thing they all have in common is fun!

A destination wedding has so many possibilities for really unique invitations. Themes can range from general travel images such as ships and airplanes and passports and maps to more specific designs tailored to your actual destination. 

As you are planning your travels, which of necessity will precede most of your other decisions, be on the lookout for interesting images you might want to incorporate into your save-the-dates, invitations, flowers, or reception decor. 

You will also want to be thinking about all the information your guests will need about travel, transfers, lodging, local customs, maybe even medical or legal info depending on your destination. You should probably assume you will need an insert with your invitation. Whatever you want, we will do our best to produce! Contact us if you want something outside the neighborhood for your wedding - we would love to travel with you on a paper airplane.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother of the Bride

When we were little girls, each year on their wedding anniversary our Mom would put on her gown. It was the ultimate game of dress-up and we treasured it. One year we got in on the act and served as impromptu bridesmaids. Dad captured that moment for all eternity.

 When we got married (six months apart!) Mom made putting a wedding together look easy. Now that we have each had a turn or two at helping arrange a daughter's wedding, we know that it is harder than it looks. 

However big or small a role she plays in the wedding, most moms will have some huge emotional hurdles to jump through in the process. And most will jump those hurdles with love and grace and do whatever they can to make dreams come true. 

So, whether you're planning a wedding, dreaming of a wedding or remembering your own wedding, be sure to toast your mom on Mother's Day.

And if you're a mom reading this, we wish you well through all the preparations for the wedding. May you navigate this transition with joy and grace. We hope you find the perfect dress. We hope that the couple will pick a date that works for your best friend or sister so you will have support on the big day.  We hope you can keep a merry heart throughout the planning. And most of all, may you relax and enjoy the party!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Soft romance

Have you seen Beauty & the Beast yet? It's so romantic! And so beautiful to look at. Romance changes the way we see things. Images blur and everything seems to slow down. Moments are highlighted and shine in the midst of this soft and gentle experience.

Our Soft Romance invitation shown here is a great example of that moment. Beautiful flowers surround your romance. A vellum overlay softens the lines and colors and highlights the words of invitation with some beautiful golden highlights to help the reader focus on what's about to happen.

Like all of the designs pictured on our blog, this design is our own. And it can be modified. Do you like the style but not the colors? Tell us. Would you rather have silver highlights? We can change that. Love everything but hate the font? Speak up - this is the beauty of custom invitations!

We know that many of you are in the process of making plans for a fall wedding. And while you may love this invitation, it's just too summery for your autumn wedding.

Here is the same invitation rendered with fall colors and highlighted by falling leaves. For us, the process is exactly the same, but for you it can make all the difference.

We provide these designs to get your imagination going. We love imagining with you - it's our favorite part! Can you imagine this invitation with snowflakes or sprigs of holly for a winter wedding? We can!

Let us know what you imagine and we'll try to make your dreams come true!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Boho Botanicals

Do you love light and shine and deep colors? Then you have a Boho kind of style! The invitation pictured here really captures the Boho style without going too far.

This invitation is rich in color, incorporates copper shine and is one that people will remember long after your wedding! It would work for a garden wedding, a destination wedding, a summer or fall wedding. It is beautiful and the fern like branches make it exotic, yet still familiar.

It also opens the door for you to use ferns in your decorating scheme which can add a lot of "floral" to your wedding without blowing the budget - and you can share them with others after the wedding to say thank you for being part of your day. Ferns can live a long time so recipients  will remember your special day for years to come.

As our invitations show - your wedding can have a style all its own - scroll through the past several weeks and look at the wide variations available to you - and then imagine what kind of vision you want your invitations to cast.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Stepping Back In Time

Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed,
Something blue, or lavender or mauve or sepia or seafoam. . .

Vintage weddings can be intriguing. Pearls, lace, dried flowers, and other antique touches guarantee a unique wedding celebration. Obviously, unlike the silver or china, your invitations can't be imported from the past. You can, however, have an invitation made that incorporates all your favorite themes from days gone by.

The invitation pictured here uses both floral and lace themes, embellished with pearls and artificially aged. Imagine telegraphing your guests that they will get to step back in time when they attend your wedding. You can can choose both your elements and your colors when you engage Possibility Paper to design a custom vintage invitation for your special day - whether it's from the 1920's or 30's or 40's. What period appeals to you?

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Touch of the Traditional

Traditional invitations were the only choice until the late 1980's. Now they are but one of  many choices. Similar to elegant invitations they usually feature black, gold, or silver print on a white or cream background. Often, as in the one shown here, there is a flourish or embellishment reminiscent of an earlier time.

There is something very pleasing about a traditional invitation. It evokes a civilized feeling - Downton Abbey comes to mind. Even if you work for the Crawleys, for this one day of your life you can live as if you were one of them.

These invitations signal your guests that they are in for a lovely time. There probably won't be any big surprises - unless you decide to arrive in a carriage drawn by four white horses. Your guests will know that they are expected to dress up; no one will show up at your wedding in blue jeans. Tastefully conveying your expectations for your wedding is a gracious way to invite your friends and family.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Rustic With a Twist

Rustic weddings have been all the rage for the past few seasons and there's no sign they are losing popularity. They offer lots of chances for creativity, imaginative color combinations, and ways to bring nature into your wedding and reception.

Here's a new twist on an invitation! This design features a mason jar shape, and endless possibilities for creativity. It's an invitation people will remember with a smile!  Setting the tone with this sweet jar you can work all kinds of jars into your wedding and reception: as candles, vases, even as glasses.

A glass jar contains so many symbols of a good marriage! It's transparent: no secrets inside. It's durable, but also fragile. It is intended to preserve something that will nurture you in the future - your love! Maybe that's why this trend shows no signs of slowing down.