Saturday, March 18, 2017

When we start  a project  for you we ask you to characterize the style  of  your wedding. One of the style  options  is whimsical and this Save the Date captures it perfectly.

A "whimsical" style is fun, free-spirited, and almost always colorful. Odds are good that the couple who chooses this style is fun and free-spirited as well. And they get to pick the colors  for their special day.

Whatever your whimsy we will do our best to set the tone you want for your  wedding. Over  the  next  few  weeks  we will be showing  examples  of our various style categories. Stay tuned!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Take it to the Reception

One advantage that comes with custom invitations is the ability to coordinate many different parts of your event. The table signs and menus pictured here coordinated well with this couple's announcement of their marriage (they eloped!) and the invitation to the reception. They had traveled the world together and ultimately married in Greece overlooking the sea. The tables were marked with maps of their favorite cities and their menus were matted on maps - perfect for this pair of travellers.

For the nautical wedding described in a previous post we made small boxes with tags which the bride and her maids assembled and filled with salt water taffy as favors for their guests.

We have worked with brides who got married as far away as Greece (this one), and as close as South Dakota, with receptions in Kansas City, Minneapolis, Chicago, Providence, Austin, Las Vegas and even tiny places you've never heard of. In some cases we have only worked on the reception, using the themes from the invitations. Sometimes we never meet our brides in person (though we love it when we do!) but 21st century communication makes a lot of wonderful collaborations possible. How can we help you with your special day?

Monday, March 6, 2017

An Enchanted Invitation

The spectacular design in the photo is the product of Laurie's incredible eye for color and detail. Three individual layers are crafted and then the top two, the white and green, are assembled like a puzzle and affixed to the blue. It takes a bit more time than a more streamlined invitation but it has a wow factor you can't get with a simple two-layer invitation.

Note that the response card has a coordinating design stamped on it. In real life the color of the ink on the RSVP card matches the green paper layer of the invitation. It might not appear to match on your computer screen but they will match for you if that's your desire.

Each design we make for a couple is unique. We may use the same elements in a different way on another invitation but only one couple will get to use this design. This particular design is not designated for anyone yet - it's available if you love it! And of course you can have it your way - this design can be replicated in shades of your colors. Is this one for you? If it is, send us an email at and let's start planning.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tools of the Trade

The array of tools we have at our disposal for creating your invitations would surprise you. This picture shows several of the tools in use on our current project.

Starting with paper and ink, and your theme, ideas, and preferences, we sort through our (impressive) collection of stamps and also look for printable art that might bring your theme into the design. We print a draft of your invitation wording in the size you've chosen and get to work at personalizing it.

Sometimes  invitations will be enhanced with heat embossing which adds some subtle texture and shine to the invitation. Others get texture added using a process called dry embossing which shapes the paper without changing the color. Some get colored with ink, others get their color from punched shapes (see the leaves and flowers in this photo.) Sometimes the corners will be shaped using a variety of punches; often the invitaion will be layered on a mat of a different color.

Putting it all together creates an original and unique hand-crafted invitation that will never be duplicated for another bride and groom!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Putting it all together

In Texas some people pronounce the words "suit" and "suite" the same. We tend to refer to our collections as suites, pronounced sweet. So, whether you think the pieces in this photo are a suite of wedding stationery, or a suit, you are right. It is a sweet set that belongs together.

This invitation was printed, and then embellished with hand-assembled floral sprigs. The RSVP postcard, and additional information note are printed using the same colors, slightly muted, with a woodgrain background on both sides to coordinate with the invitation. The wedding program is also printed. Any of the pieces except the postcard could have included variations on the sprigs included on the invitation.

You can expand your suite to include table numbers, favor packaging, thank you notes, escort cards, doorhangers, placecards, and even give a hint of it in your save-the-dates if you decide early enough.

You may notice a theme similar to an invitation we highlighted a couple of weeks ago - if you did, you have a good eye. This is another sample made for the same bride who received this sample. What she ended up with was a variation on this one; after the groom added his opinions some additional changes were made. It's custom - we will tweak it until you are satisfied!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Welcome Your Guests in Style

Imagine how pleased and surprised your guests will be when they show up at the hotel and find a friendly welcome from you hanging on their door. These days many of your wedding guests may have come a long distance to help you celebrate so let them know how glad you are to have them with you on your special day. Hotels are generally happy to put these doorhangers out for you if you've reserved a block of rooms.

The signature design you choose for your custom invitations can be carried through to many other welcoming touches. For instance, you may want to include an insert in your invitations that provides information about blocks of hotel rooms, directions between hotels and venue or from the wedding venue to the reception, and where you are registered.

Once your invitation design is finalized you can start thinking about other ways you want to use your signature design.  (You can see the invitation that inspired this doorhanger here.) Put your unique touch on doorhangers, welcome bags, service folders, place cards, table numbers, favors, and thank you notes. Some couples have even made labels for water bottles or fans when they expect a warm day for an outdoor wedding.

Possibility Paper Company will be happy to provide whatever you need to show your guests how much you value their presence.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ahoy Matie!

Photo credit Mekina Saylor
The suite so elegantly photographed to the right is from a 2015 wedding we did with a nautical theme. Though the separate pieces are quite simple, the full package was very elegant, and most fitting for this wedding by the sea.

This bride and groom had quite the romantic story - they shared summers in a small town in Maine. They also shared a love of sailing that they worked into every aspect of their wedding including lovely pictures taken aboard a very big sailing vessel with everyone's bare feet on display.

These invitations are called "flat mats" because the invitation is printed and then mounted on a mat of another color to make it really pop. If you look closely you'll see that they are printed in navy blue to correspond with the mat. Less easily seen in the photo is that the anchors and wheels are embossed - shiny and raised. Navy, white, and gold - a classic combination of colors that will never go out of style.