Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tools of the Trade

The array of tools we have at our disposal for creating your invitations would surprise you. This picture shows several of the tools in use on our current project.

Starting with paper and ink, and your theme, ideas, and preferences, we sort through our (impressive) collection of stamps and also look for printable art that might bring your theme into the design. We print a draft of your invitation wording in the size you've chosen and get to work at personalizing it.

Sometimes  invitations will be enhanced with heat embossing which adds some subtle texture and shine to the invitation. Others get texture added using a process called dry embossing which shapes the paper without changing the color. Some get colored with ink, others get their color from punched shapes (see the leaves and flowers in this photo.) Sometimes the corners will be shaped using a variety of punches; often the invitaion will be layered on a mat of a different color.

Putting it all together creates an original and unique hand-crafted invitation that will never be duplicated for another bride and groom!

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