Monday, March 6, 2017

An Enchanted Invitation

The spectacular design in the photo is the product of Laurie's incredible eye for color and detail. Three individual layers are crafted and then the top two, the white and green, are assembled like a puzzle and affixed to the blue. It takes a bit more time than a more streamlined invitation but it has a wow factor you can't get with a simple two-layer invitation.

Note that the response card has a coordinating design stamped on it. In real life the color of the ink on the RSVP card matches the green paper layer of the invitation. It might not appear to match on your computer screen but they will match for you if that's your desire.

Each design we make for a couple is unique. We may use the same elements in a different way on another invitation but only one couple will get to use this design. This particular design is not designated for anyone yet - it's available if you love it! And of course you can have it your way - this design can be replicated in shades of your colors. Is this one for you? If it is, send us an email at and let's start planning.

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