Sunday, May 28, 2017


This week's design is a beautiful example of cultural fusion: traditional and modern, Eastern and Western, rich and bold colors, elegance and sparkle. It signals the recipients that they will encounter many beautiful and unexpected touches at this wedding and that the bride and groom honor their roots, or embrace a global perspective.

Every marriage is a fusion of two cultures. Some are subtle; others are distinct. All are hopeful. We have seen weddings where the couple is mixing rural and urban traditions, midwestern and southern traditions, and a wide variety of regional and international combinations. Sometimes one culture dominates but usually there will be influences derived from both families along with the couple's own experiences.

Fusion done well generally produces a gorgeous effect as you can see from this example. Unusual and beautiful color combinations, unexpected shapes and fonts hint at extraordinary experiences ahead. What cultural influences will you be bringing together at your wedding?

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