Sunday, May 21, 2017

Let's go!

Couples decide to have a destination wedding for a wide variety of reasons but one thing they all have in common is fun!

A destination wedding has so many possibilities for really unique invitations. Themes can range from general travel images such as ships and airplanes and passports and maps to more specific designs tailored to your actual destination. 

As you are planning your travels, which of necessity will precede most of your other decisions, be on the lookout for interesting images you might want to incorporate into your save-the-dates, invitations, flowers, or reception decor. 

You will also want to be thinking about all the information your guests will need about travel, transfers, lodging, local customs, maybe even medical or legal info depending on your destination. You should probably assume you will need an insert with your invitation. Whatever you want, we will do our best to produce! Contact us if you want something outside the neighborhood for your wedding - we would love to travel with you on a paper airplane.

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