Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother of the Bride

When we were little girls, each year on their wedding anniversary our Mom would put on her gown. It was the ultimate game of dress-up and we treasured it. One year we got in on the act and served as impromptu bridesmaids. Dad captured that moment for all eternity.

 When we got married (six months apart!) Mom made putting a wedding together look easy. Now that we have each had a turn or two at helping arrange a daughter's wedding, we know that it is harder than it looks. 

However big or small a role she plays in the wedding, most moms will have some huge emotional hurdles to jump through in the process. And most will jump those hurdles with love and grace and do whatever they can to make dreams come true. 

So, whether you're planning a wedding, dreaming of a wedding or remembering your own wedding, be sure to toast your mom on Mother's Day.

And if you're a mom reading this, we wish you well through all the preparations for the wedding. May you navigate this transition with joy and grace. We hope you find the perfect dress. We hope that the couple will pick a date that works for your best friend or sister so you will have support on the big day.  We hope you can keep a merry heart throughout the planning. And most of all, may you relax and enjoy the party!

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