Sunday, May 7, 2017

Soft romance

Have you seen Beauty & the Beast yet? It's so romantic! And so beautiful to look at. Romance changes the way we see things. Images blur and everything seems to slow down. Moments are highlighted and shine in the midst of this soft and gentle experience.

Our Soft Romance invitation shown here is a great example of that moment. Beautiful flowers surround your romance. A vellum overlay softens the lines and colors and highlights the words of invitation with some beautiful golden highlights to help the reader focus on what's about to happen.

Like all of the designs pictured on our blog, this design is our own. And it can be modified. Do you like the style but not the colors? Tell us. Would you rather have silver highlights? We can change that. Love everything but hate the font? Speak up - this is the beauty of custom invitations!

We know that many of you are in the process of making plans for a fall wedding. And while you may love this invitation, it's just too summery for your autumn wedding.

Here is the same invitation rendered with fall colors and highlighted by falling leaves. For us, the process is exactly the same, but for you it can make all the difference.

We provide these designs to get your imagination going. We love imagining with you - it's our favorite part! Can you imagine this invitation with snowflakes or sprigs of holly for a winter wedding? We can!

Let us know what you imagine and we'll try to make your dreams come true!

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